Trying To Make A Baby? Squash These Odd Myths To Help You See Success Faster

Bring up the fact that you are trying to get pregnant among any group you want - coworkers, friends, family members - and chances are, every last person in the room is going to have some kind of advice to offer or some form of information that is supposed to for sure help you get pregnant fast. While all of this information and advice is well-intended, it is best not to believe everything you hear when you are trying to conceive. [Read More]

Keeping Your Teenage Daughter Healthy And Responsible: What You Should Know

When you are the parent of a teenage girl, you find yourself perpetually preoccupied with their health and safety. You think of your daughter as your baby long after she becomes an independent woman. You may wonder what you can do to instill a sense of responsibility and dedication to health in your daughter. A few steps can help you to prepare her to live a healthy, full life: Schedule Your Daughter's First OB/GYN Appointment [Read More]