Choosing Between Natural Childbirth And Medical Interventions: What You Should Know

Many women going through their first or even a subsequent pregnancy find themselves somewhat conflicted about their plan for giving birth. There are many different options available for childbirth, and the majority of women often feel pressured to make the "right" decision not only for themselves, but also for their unborn child. These childbirth options can often be divided into two categories. Those categories are natural methods and medical interventions. So that you can feel better about the decision you and your pregnancy care team (ob/gyn, doula, midwife, etc. [Read More]

Managing Menstrual Cycles In Pubescent Females With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Puberty is a time of change for any child, but for a young female with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), fluctuating hormones and the onset of menstruation bring on additional challenges. Confusion about what is happening to her body, fear, sensory issues, and pain and discomfort caused by menstrual cramps can lead to your child suffering increased anxiety, withdrawal, or even depression. Some girls with ASD become more aggressive and obsessive, or may engage in more repetitive behaviors during that time of the month. [Read More]

How To Help Your Teen Daughter Adjust To Her Menstrual Cycles

Girls, on average, will get their periods when they are 12 to 13 years old. This can be scary for a young girl, but it is also inevitable. As a parent, you will need to help her prepare for this and learn how to manage it. Here are some tips to help you with this if you have a daughter who will soon be starting her period. Be open about what a period is [Read More]

Menopause, Meet The Sunshine Vitamin

Menopause is a stretch of years during which a woman transitions out of child-bearing ability and is characterized by such health concerns as depression, bone density loss, and weight gain. Reversing, or at least easing, some of these concerns may be as easy as a trip to your nearest health food or grocery store. Many doctors suggest that their menopausal patients increase their intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D and menopause [Read More]