3 Essential Oils For Labor And Delivery

Employing the help of a midwife can be a great way to receive personalized care throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Midwives are often familiar with alternative treatment options, so consulting with your own midwife about essential oils that might be used during labor prior to your delivery date could be beneficial. Here are three essential oils you will want to discuss with your midwife to determine how they can be used to help make your labor and delivery less traumatic. [Read More]

Unwanted Anxiety, Courtesy Of Your Breasts: Why Dense Breast Tissue Means More Tests

It doesn't seem fair that your best friend gets away with uneventful mammography screenings every year while you are plunged into an emotional roller coaster as frequently as every six months. If you have been told by a physician that you have dense breast tissue or fibrocystic breasts, there is a good chance that many of your routine mammograms will reveal new and suspicious findings that warrant further investigation. If you have already gone through the anxiety of being called back for biopsy procedures and feel trapped in an endless cycle of frequent mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsy tests that turn up benign results, you may be tempted to just say no to the next follow up. [Read More]

Understanding Your Pelvic Floor Prolapse Treatment Options

There are many health conditions that women suffer from that just do not seem to be talked about much in the mainstream, even among medical professionals or patients who have gone through them. One such issue that is surprisingly common but rarely discussed is a condition known as pelvic floor prolapse. If you have been suffering from pelvic discomfort, urinary incontinence, or even protrusions from your vaginal canal, you may be surprised to learn that you are one of the many women who has been diagnosed with pelvic floor prolapse. [Read More]

Choosing Between Natural Childbirth And Medical Interventions: What You Should Know

Many women going through their first or even a subsequent pregnancy find themselves somewhat conflicted about their plan for giving birth. There are many different options available for childbirth, and the majority of women often feel pressured to make the "right" decision not only for themselves, but also for their unborn child. These childbirth options can often be divided into two categories. Those categories are natural methods and medical interventions. So that you can feel better about the decision you and your pregnancy care team (ob/gyn, doula, midwife, etc. [Read More]