Trying To Make A Baby? Squash These Odd Myths To Help You See Success Faster

Bring up the fact that you are trying to get pregnant among any group you want - coworkers, friends, family members - and chances are, every last person in the room is going to have some kind of advice to offer or some form of information that is supposed to for sure help you get pregnant fast. While all of this information and advice is well-intended, it is best not to believe everything you hear when you are trying to conceive. There are a few downright odd myths about fertility that are not just a waste of your time, but may even leave you feeling a little foolish in the end.

Myth: Stop trying to have a baby, and you will get pregnant.

Fact: Even though there are some older folks that will swear to the ends of the earth that this is true because it worked for every woman in their family, there is no proof that trying not to have a baby will definitely help you conceive. One thing that can be a problem, however, is if you are letting yourself get too stressed out about the baby-making process. Stress can actually alter your hormone levels and make it harder to predict when you're ovulating. But, simply deciding that you are no longer going to try will not always yield successful results.

Myth: You can encourage the travel of sperm by holding the lower half of your body up in the air.

Fact: Sperm travels in the same direction at pretty much the same rate of speed no matter what position you hold your body in after intercourse. Even though it may sound like you are making travel to the passageway to the egg an easier feat for the little swimmers, you are really doing nothing more than perhaps discouraging blood flow to your legs if you try this old--and untrue--fertility hack to help you conceive.

Myth: There are only certain positions that are effective if you're trying to get pregnant.

Fact: Just because you are trying to get pregnant, it does not mean that you now have to follow a strict routine about positions and moves to make the process work. As long as everything is aligned, the same process pretty much happens regardless of the details of how you and your partner are situated. So don't be afraid to try whatever you like in the bedroom. Click here to learn more about obstetrics and gynecology in your area.